Terms and conditions | STARWAGEN

Terms and conditions

1. Ordering transport STARWAGEN

1.1. Trasportation service starts from the moment of process order in company STARWAGEN. The order is submitted to STARWAGEN manager with Customer company name and Project name, a list of required vehicles, schedule and quantity of days, locations.

1.2. Orders with costing are agreed in writing to the start of the project.

1.3. STARWAGEN company has the central office in Kiev and branches in Lviv and Odessa. Regional offices accept orders and provide information about the transport support of the region at the time of order. The customer can obtain the list and number of transport units from a representative. If necessary, he can inspect the transport and determine the order on the spot in the indicated regions.

1.4. STARWAGEN works and services projects in Ukraine and in the countries of the European Union. STARWAGEN provides international projects with transport on special conditions and the cost of services, which are agreed in advance with the company’s central office.

2. The cost of services. Overtimes.

2.1. The cost of STARWAGEN transport is indicated in the price list in USD without taxes. Payment is accepted in hryvnias according to the equivalent rate applicable on the day of settlement.

2.2. The cost of STARWAGEN transport is indicated in the price list for 1 (one) shift – the operation of the transport for 12 (twelve) hours in the case of filming film projects and TV programs. In all other cases: one shift is 10 (ten) hours.

2.3. Each additional hour after the end of the shift is 10% of the total cost of a transport unit. For example, the cost of Camper for 12 hours/1 shift (film project) is 250 USD. Each subsequent hour of work = 25 USD.

2.4. The use of transport more than 10 h/12 h (1 shift) up to and including 30 min is not considered as an additional hour (overtime) and is free of charge. Extra use of transport in the range from 31 minutes to 60 minutes is considered as 1 hour of overtime.

2.5. The movement of transport within Kyiv, Lviv and Odessa for the Customer is included in the cost of services. Outside these cities, the calculation of mileage is carried out from the checkpoint of Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa to the checkpoint of any settlement in Ukraine, or outside of it, where the place is located.

2.6. The cost of transport includes payment for personnel, fuel, intake and discharge of water, waste, a full set of hygiene products such as toilet paper, paper towels, liquid soap, air freshener.

3. The conditions of work of the transport and the personnel who serve it. Beginning and end of the shift.

3.1. STARWAGEN provides the ordered transport to the location for a time designated by the Customer as “beginning of a turn”/beginning of a shift.

3.2. The customer independently provides transport with a placement at a location, permission to enter historical, cultural, sacred, recreational and other locations.

3.3. If the staff must start work before 7:00 and finish work after 22:00, the Customer provides payment for a taxi to the location (base) of the transport, or the place of residence of the staff. On projects that are conducted around the clock in the settlements, except Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, the Customer provides staff with per diem, accommodation and meals.

3.4. The fixed start of transport operation is the turnaround time indicated by the Customer. The lack of the possibility of entering the location, the lack of conditions for connecting transport and other working conditions outside the STARWAGEN service do not affect the previously designated start time of transport operation. The fixed termination of the transport is a command from the Customer – responsible for the participation and operation of the transport (producer, gaffer, chief electrician, time manager, transport manager, etc.) to turn off the generator, as well as automatically disconnect from the power supply of transport, except camera van/dolly van.

3.5. Beginning and end of the camera van/dolly van operation are recorded in accordance with the order of the operator, mechanic or gaffer.

3.6. The cost of transport that was called to a film set or another location, but was not used by the Customer, is 50% of the total cost.

3.7. STARWAGEN reserves the right to refuse from participation in the project if the working conditions at the location are dangerous and can cause material, technical damage for transport.